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I've had it with ugly panties that fit my large behind. I'm done with clothes for the large woman that just aren't as cute as the clothes I wore twenty years ago. I'm tired of wheezing as I go up the stairs. I've got sixty pounds to lose - because on my fiftieth birthday, I'm dancing naked in a thong, dammit. And it better be pretty. This little bunny rabbit is hopping me down the weight loss lane. I wanted a pair of big granny panties rolling through the grass, but I'm not computer savvy.

Monday, January 17, 2011

My First No Loss Morning

Well I hit a wall. Good Scale cheerfully told me that I am still at 206.2 this morning. I did an extra vigorous scale dance but to no avail. Then I thought - perhaps it's because I used tomato paste (25 cal) in my "chili" last night. But when I put on clothes this morning, they did not seem as tight. So I soldier on.

So I did make an HCG version of chili for dinner. Took the leanest ground meat I could find, gave self 5 oz versus 4 oz. Put in canned tomatoes and tomato paste (for about 50 cals total) and requisite spices and onions and garlic and was in Chili Heaven. And ate my sad little wasa bread thingie as my "grain" of the day. While you can have fruit and veggies on this diet, there is NO BREAD. I started to whine to myself about that until I realized I have a friend (Sexy Minister's Wife SMW) who is gluten intolerant and her whole life is about not having wheat. So I chastised myself as a Huge Whiner and moved on.

Today: lovely scallops on the trusty George Foreman Grill, with saute spinach and grilled pear. YUM. This eating plan makes you totally get your five servings of fruit/veg a day. Indeed, if I just did that forever, perhaps the rest would fall into place! Or fall off my ass, so to speak.

Went back to Whole Foods yesterday. This time, I felt somewhat less like I did not fit in. Cashier remembered me. Lovely woman, Eve - looks about 60 but teeny and with red hair. Vibrant. Will make the post church Whole Foods thing a routine I think. Because I'm sick of spinach, I bought Swiss Chard (which I like) and Kale. The Kale looks precisely like the tough skin of a dinosaur. How to make it?

The other thing that seems to be working is coming home for lunch every day. I have missed the socialization time with friends, but I think I might save money in the end and clearly I can have control over how things are prepared. And I get to blog. And I get to play solitaire. And I get to not work/return phone calls while I stuff a burger and fries into myself at work.

I have found the HCG Diet page on Facebook. There is a list of recipes (besides chili) I am going to try. I think tonight is Asian Night for me. It's only been seven days on this thing. They say that if you go 21 days, you make a habit of stuff. Whew. Fourteen more to go, in that case. But actually, I am wanting to do this diet for a total of at least 28 days. If I am Super Woman, I would go six weeks but we'll see how I make it. This is not easy. And if that stupid scale doesn't budge tomorrow, I'm gonna be having a Come to Jesus Meeting with Dr. Todd.


  1. You are doing great. I hope to do equally as well. Time for us to change. No longer will we be known as the "crisco kids". Remember all the fried foods we grew up on? Sunshine 2 U---Curious Sis

  2. Hey CS, no kidding about the Crisco. What was Mother thinking? Does anyone even USE Crisco anymore? At least for eating, that is?

  3. Thanks for visiting today! For the weight loss ticker, go here and make a ticker:

    Then just copy the code and add it to a widget on your blogger design layout (HTML/JAVA widget). Easy peasy. It sometimes takes some minutes to show up, so don't worry if it doesn't come up at once.

    I miss havign oodles of bread and pasta, but I am only allowed one bread/rice/pasta/starchy veg a day. So, lots and lots of veggies. 2 fruit servings. It's simple, but, well, I do miss buttered toast, many slices of pizza, mac n cheese in a big bowl, huge portions of pasta. I think I'll always miss that.....

    Hapy MLK Day!

  4. In answer to your comment on my blog - I was NOT athletic at all. Walking from the parking lot to the store was a big deal for me. I started biking around my neighborhood when I started my diet, joined a workout group when I had lost about 60 pounds, and started running a tiny bit about 85 pounds down. I definitely was not a runner. Amazing what you can do, and how things can change, when you get the weight off.

    Good luck with the scale tomorrow. :)

    P.S. My mother used to rub Crisco on potatoes before baking them...dang, that made for some good potato skins!

  5. Time for us BOTH to leave 206 behind- such an evil number lately!!! :)

  6. You are doing great :) It's true what they say, if you can do it 21 days, it's a cinch. I see you improving each time I read your blog, and it makes me so proud! I believe you could do this for however long you want! 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years (a little much, but hey if it floats your boat do it!)

    <3 D


Thanks for your posts. It's the best reinforcement I can have that has no calories.